Gardner Road Residence

The most successful renovations require striking a balance that meets the needs of the client while also respecting the integrity of the house itself.  This home had lived through a lifetime of hard renovations over the course of its 100 years, as it made its way from an elegant single family to a boarding house, then into three condominiums,and finally back into a single family.  Our first order of business was to restore some of the lost detail while opening up the flow of the house.  We restored the staircase to its original elegance while opening it up on each floor.  We combined the front and back parlors into one large living room while preserving and matching the original detailing.  Upstairs we created the new master suite.  It was a process of discovery as much as it was a process of invention as we followed the clues that the house itself gave us.  We worked closely with the client to develop a lighting scheme throughout that highlighted the finer detail as well as her collection of fine craft, furniture and art.  Of course we often found opportunities for her to add to the collection along the way.  Finally, we tackled the old kitchen and its modern addition.  Rather than trying to downplay their differences, we chose to celebrate them.  We moved the kitchen itself into the addition - the cabinets were detailed with crisp, clean white lines and the stainless steel appliances were softened with accents of sea glass.  The original kitchen was turned into a butler's pantry and breakfast room with ten foot high rift sawn oak cabinets, antique light fixtures and a pub table from the reign of James II.  The wide plank flooring, soapstone counter tops, and display of art and ceramics tie the two rooms together as they speak to each other from across a century.