A nice Jewish boy from New York, Alan always knew he wanted to be an architect, but never had the chance to meet one until he was a senior in college.  AFter graduating from Yeshiva University with degrees in English Literature and Medievel Jewish History, he went on to study architecture at Harvard School of Design and then at Washington University at St. Louis, where he earned his Master's Degree in Architecture.  With 25 years of experience working on projects large and small, he has had the opportunity to work on the widest range of projects.  from schools and hospitals to skyscrapers and mixed use development, to residences and restaurants.  When his best friends bought an old house they insisted he do the renovation.  It was then that he realized his professional satisfaction was not linked to the size and scope of the project, but to his connection with the client.  Whether it's a small card shop or the most successful retail development project in the country, what drives Alan is the collaborative design process.  His designs are more than elegant lines representing some idealized notion of architecture.  They are the product of a creative relationship that builds space for real people.  Mayer + Associates was born out of Alan's deep desire to do architecture in a more humane way - to create space with the client at the center.